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Crime & Safety Committee

Chaired by Bryson Tillinghast & Kris Olsson


The Crime & Safety Committee is concerned with crime and safety issues in the North Capitol Neighborhood.

Top 5 Crime and Safety Tips


  1. Get to know your neighbors (especially the ones who work from home).

  2. Greet people on your street. Introduce yourself to strangers. Offer help in finding neighbors, etc.

  3.  Install a nestcam or ring camera to monitor your home. 

  4. Do not hesitate to call 911 (all calls routed to same triage room). Even if you see something suspicious.

  5. Call 911 evenafter something has occurred (even minor incidents like car entry for a gym bag).


Helpful Links:


-File a Police Incident Report -


-911 Incident Map -


-SPD East Precinct News-


-SPD Police Reports-


-SPD Safety & Prevention:


If you are interested in joining this committee, please contact Michelle Kimihira at michelle(at)




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